How I became Executive Coach


What happens from an economic perspective when people with room for manoeuvre meet? How should we act in and for the organisations of the economy and what effects can be expected? What expands and what limits our individual choices?

These are the questions I explore here. Sometimes answers come quite easily, sometimes not at all. But whatever the case, company managements, employees, my coachees and the students at my university seem to find it interesting and helpful. So I am happy to continue! Nevertheless: if we think we have results here, we should not forget that everything could also be completely different, because in today's world nobody knows anything… .

In this episode I also briefly address the following audio book that I wrote, read and set to sound. It is a family drama. The story is about Professor Hansen and his family in Hamburg during the Weimar Republic. He does everything he can to support his beloved daughter, but in the process he becomes entangled in contradictions and causes great harm. The book is read in German.

Link: Wie es dazu kam (Hörbuch)

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